Holiday Gift Guide - Paddler Edition

Looking for a few gift ideas for the paddler on your Christmas list?  Here are a few we think will put a smile on the face of even the most discerning gear collector.

Sanborn Canoe's Minnesota Paddle:  The warmth and beauty of real wood and one of the most versatile paddles we have tried.  An amazing combination of red and white cedar with a few highlights of Ash make this paddle as at home above the mantle as it is on the water.  There is something "just right" about making your way across a lake with a finely crafted wood paddle that Kevlar and Carbon Fiber will never recreate.  Whether you are navigating a twisty creek or battling whitecaps, you get the power and precision you need.  If The Paddle Junkie had to pick just one paddle, this would be it.  Head on over to the Sanborn Canoe Site to get one in time for Christmas.  MSRP: $160

Emotion's Mojo Angler Kayak:  So you have an extra special person on your list or maybe you are trying to work your way out of the dog-house, either way here is a gift to solve your dilemma.  The Mojo has all the bells and whistles any kayak fisherman could need.  Cup holders, rod holders, electronics mounts, a dry locker, gear shelf and a comfy back rest. Everything is adjustable so you get a perfect fit. You can paddle this super stable and nimble yak into the most inaccessible fishing spots to find the elusive monsters. If you live in my part of the country, be ready to listen to the lucky recipient daydream of getting it out on the water until spring.   MSRP: $750

Columbia Powerdrain Water Shoes:  It's like these shoes were made for back-country canoeing.  Rugged construction, grippy traction, shed water lightning fast, dry out almost before they get wet and  provide an unexpected amount of support. I wore these for 4 days in the BWCA this year and never once did I wish for more of a shoe.  Whether I was dunking my foot in the lake to push off from shore or marching up a rocky incline with a canoe on your shoulders, my feet were loving me.  MSRP: $95

Granite Gear's Superior One Portage Pack:  Having the "right pack" on a canoe trip is far more of a blessing than you would think.  They sit properly in the canoe and allow you to carry both the pack and canoe at the same time. The Superior One is one of the very best.  Super light, waterproof base, rugged side handles to get the pack in and out of the canoe and it is cavernous.  This pack will haul 121 liters of gear, so be careful, you can literally pack the kitchen sink if you want.  Unlike some of the old school canoe packs, it's harness system is far more than a couple leather straps.  Throw 50+ pounds in this thing, find a 280 rod portage and tell me it's not the most comfortable canoe pack you've ever carried.  MSRP: $230

Bomber Gear's Bombination Shorts:  Far more than your standard board shorts, the Bombination Shorts from Bomber Gear make those frosty paddles a bit more bearable.  The magic of these shorts is the neoprene liner they have inside.  The incredibly stretchy 2MM liner keeps the ice-like water away from your "more sensitive  parts and basically eliminates the rubbing and chaffing a traditional pair of shorts often subject you to.  Spend time seated in a canoe or kayak and you will appreciate the high waist in the back, saving you from seat rub and lower back sunburn.  Come spring, when I'm itching to get on the water, you'll find me living in these.  MSRP: $90

Hennessy Hammock's Ultralight Asym Classic:  I have not slept on the ground, in a tent, while on a paddling trip in 4 years, and I have no plan to go back any time soon.  Spend one night in this set-up and you'll understand why.  No rock or tree root in my back, no sliding downhill in the middle of the night, just restful sleep while swaying in the breeze. This is a full on shelter.  Hammock with bug netting integrated, plus a rain fly and all is well with the world.  I have weathered nasty storms in this shelter and came out dry as a bone.  Best of all it weighs in at a miniscule 2 pounds 2 ounces, far less than even the most "Ultra Light" tents out there.  MSRP: $250

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