Bomber Gear Bombination Shorts - Gear Review

For those of us "Up North", shorts season is pretty much history, but I have a pair you need to put on your Birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah/Easter wish lists.  If you can still get out on the water now, or if you want to be the first one in when the ice is out in Spring, the Bombination Shorts from Bomber Gear are ideal.

At first glance these look like your traditional board shorts.  Style is there, so you can rock them at the lakeside pub before and after you get wet.  What makes these things simply amazing is the neoprene lining hiding underneath.  Whether you are itching to get one last paddle in, or it's busting out the wakeboard this weekend when you head to the cabin to take the docks out, these will take the pain away.  The 2MM super stretchy neoprene liner helps keep the cold at bay.  It doesn't inhibit your range of motion, and has a smooth seam construction to chaffing isn't an issue either.  

For the kayakers out there, these were made with you in mind.  The neoprene come up a little higher in back so you don't get yak rash on your low back from your shorts sagging and your back rubbing on the seat-back.  The tie waistband is actually functional, allowing you to adjust the fit by an inch or two.  I can't tell you how many pairs of board shorts I have tried that they are simply decoration.  You do want to make sure you get the size right on these though, they are sized on actual measurement, so don't go off of your casual clothes size, bust out a tape measure to be sure.

At $89.99 they are a bit spendier than a normal pair of board shorts, but that's not what you are buying.  These take the place of your shorty wet-suit and you can wear them all day and still be comfortable.  I am all for the "kill two birds with one stone" set-up.

Here is a quick video from Bomber Gear on the Bombination Shorts

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