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Friday, August 14, 2015


If Kickstarter was the name of your local drinking saloon I'd be yelling "LASSSSTTTTTT CALLLL" at this moment. There is a kickstarter coming to a close that you should check out before the weekend's end. To all the gear-heads out there looking for a function-driven piece of furniture for their living rooms that also starts a conversation- this one is for YOU. 

You're probably thinking "What the hell is a lounge chair doing on a gear website?". Well, if function is king in the gear world then why shouldn't your living room furniture reflect the same aesthetic? This thing performs. The cantilever is stunning- using cold bent steel rod instead of tubular steel the chair's profile looks more like a suspension bridge then the typical blocky sled. The chair is as comfortable as a hammock without having to put any holes in your dry wall. CR45 has the simplicity of European furniture while being handcrafted and perfected in Bellevue, Nebraska. Think European Aesthetic with a Midwestern Attitude. Although the chair can't be packed into the woods and hauled up mountains, this is an item any gear-junkie would love to have in their living room. 

There are roughly 2 days left of the kickstarter campaign so make sure to check out the product, read about the story and support an american craftsman pursuing his passion. Click here to check it out. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cushe Dawn Patrol Slipper - Gear Review

The Cushe Slipper has become some of my favorite shoes. Summer has come out of what seems no where to bring that beautiful weather. The Cushe Slipper provides enough cover and support to wear in almost any environment.

The semi rigid bottom, that contains some of the gnarliest treads I have ever seen on a pair of slip on shoes. This allows for the transition between outside and in rather easily. For a slip on they are rather fashionable. I love the fact that I can slip them on in the morning, rock them in the office all day and then straight to trudging around town.

The original paddle junkie has been rocking a pair of Cushe's since I met him. The slippers are considered their flagship shoes and after putting a pair on my feet I quickly understood why. The super lightweight shoe allows for easy slip on and removal.

I recently wore them camping and didn't take them off but to sleep for three days. They felt great the entire time, from the morning dew being wicked away in no time to the late night campfire sessions, these shoes blew my expectations out of the water.

Along with being rugged enough for the outdoors they are fashionable enough for the office setting. Now I'm not saying they fit in with business professional settings but in the business casual world in which I currently work the look just fine with a pair of jeans and a polo.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on more pair of these excellently made shoes. For the price and quality you simply can't pass these up, make Cushe something to put in your closet.

MSRP: $65:00

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hi-Tec Altitude Lite - Gear Review

 I recently started a new job in which I delivered construction supplies to job sites throughout the metro area all the while interacting in an office environment. I needed the perfect mix of work/hiking boot that still looked good in a professional setting. The Hi-Tec Altitude Lite delivers on all request.

The light weight breathable boot worked perfect out on the various work sites I visited. With multiple terrains to conquer I had no fear of my boots failing me. Don't get me wrong I wasn't scaling any mountains but maneuvering through and over giant rubble piles with heavy construction equipment operating around you is in it's own right nerve racking. It was nice knowing I wasn't going to be taking a tumble carrying 40 lbs of saw blades around.

I look forward to testing this boot in more of a hiking environment. I have little doubt that it will hold up to any sort of obstacle I will get myself into. Hi-Tec has always made solid hiking boots at very affordable prices. The water and stain resistant 17oz boot did wonders for my feet. The technology within the sole of the boot make for a very comfortable walking experience.

All in all I can tell you that these boots have held up greatly to the stresses I have put it up against. With an honest price, excellent materials and a well put together boot, the Hi-Tec Altitude Lite delivers. I would take this boot anywhere with me, from the trail to the office this is a must have for your collection.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sanuk Cassius - Gear Review

     I feel summer has finally reached the northern half of Minnesota. With a solid week of above freezing temperatures it's a pretty good indication the season of shorts, bonfires and hammock camping has descended upon us. That means it's time to pull out the shoes that don't require socks and wont have your feet feel like they are standing directly in a puddle of your own sweat.

     I have a couple pair of Sanuk shoes and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite shoe brands. The flag ship Side Walk Surfers absolutely rock and I have even scored a couple pair on the cheap at Goodwill. Anything I can slip on without bending over is a win in my book. That being said I was in desperate need of an actual shoe to wear around. The Sanuk Cassius is an excellent mix of summer and professional footwear. These lightweight breathable footwear dominates the outdoors as well as wearing them to work in the office. The cushioning antimicrobial insole makes me feet happy all day, and if it's Friday well into the night. I absolutely love the look of these shoes. I got the all black which looks professional enough to rock at the office, head home throw on a pair of shorts and bam, you're ready to go play some yard games, sit around a bonfire with a couple friends and enjoy some cold beverages.

     I've heard about Sanuk years before I finally got my hands on a pair. I have never been disappointed, the Cassius may not allow for a slip on without bending over but it more then makes up for it with its extreme versatility and comfort. If my entire shoe collection was made up of Sanuks, I wouldn't be upset.

MSRP: 70.00$

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Osprey Women's Sirrus 36 Backpack - Gear Review

We had our gal Molly test out Osprey's Sirrus 36 pack, and in Hawaii of all places. (We are all more than a little jealous)  A great pack if you are looking for an all day adventure, or fast and light overnights.  Loaded with all the features and the quality and durability you'd expect from an Osprey bag, she was very impressed.  Here are her thoughts...

I tested the Osprey Women’s Sirrus 36 Backpack on the Kalalau Trial in Kauai.  The hike to the Hanakapi’ai Beach and Falls was 8 miles, 5 hours round trip which starts at sea level and covers various elevations throughout the hike. 

I loaded my pack with a rain jacket for inclement weather, a towel for a swim at the Falls, change of clothes, water, snacks and lunch and I still had plenty of room in the pack.  I highly recommend this pack if you are day hiking with children and need to carry extra supplies for the kids. 

Once the pack was loaded and fitted I tried it on.  I couldn't believe how lightweight it felt.  The curve of the front straps prevented any rubbing of the pack against my arms and bare skin in my tank top.  My favorite feature is the mesh back (which Osprey calls their Airspeed ventilation) that kept my back dry in the heat.  I could barely feel the pack next to my body.  The waist belt has a small pocket on each side.  It was the perfect size for my phone so I could easily take pictures without having to remove the pack.    

I am usually not a fan of top loading packs for day hikes but this pack has the front access panel which is a great feature and makes it very easy to access items inside the main compartment.   

The pack has over seven pockets, which I love.  I could keep my wet clothes separate from my dry clothes after my swim and it has plenty of small pockets for miscellaneous items. 

I would definitely recommend this pack if you are going on long day hikes or if you have children and need to carry extra supplies for the kids.   

Dimensions are shown as length (height) x width x depth
IN: 26 x 13 x 12
CM: 65 x 33 x 31
Size WS/WM
IN: 28 x 14 x 12
CM: 70 x 33 x 31

MSRP: $159.95

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CRKT Cobia : Lerch Design - Gear Review

I am by no means a knife aficionado, but I do know when I get a great knife in my hands. The CRKT Cobia delivers on all aspects. From the way it feels in your hand to the ability to cut anything I've attempted yet so far. I don't always have a need for a pocket knife but when I did, no one to be found, that's when I decided enough is enough I'm going to get my hands on the best every day carry knife I can find. The Cobia doesn't disappoint.

The moment I put this 2.5oz knife in my hands, I knew I had something special. The knife is a little over 3.5 inches when folded and with a quality frame lock mechanism I never have to worry about it popping open in my pocket. Had this happen before, not very pleasant. The clasp for slapping it into your pocket without wrestling with your knife makes a nice addition. No fear of falling out, but every once in a while I reach down and give a little pat just to ensure its still safely snug in my back pocket. Maybe carrying it in my front pocket would alleviate that problem? I think the carabiner I hold my keys on would have a hard time forfeiting its place in front. The design allows for a very comfortable grip at almost every angle. 

I carry this knife every where with me, showing it off at every occasion possible. The easy opening mechanism allows for one hand operation. My friends faces, with a tinge of jealousy, when they feel how light it is reassures me that I have an excellent addition to my small but growing collection. CRKT has managed to make an excellent EDC knife with out breaking the bank. Matthew Lerch went above and beyond with the design of this knife. I would love to add more CRKT knives to my collection, you should to.