Miir Water Bottles Review

 We love water bottles here at Paddle Junkie, and I gather that we are not the only ones. I just can't seem to get enough from the classic Nalgene to huge reusable growlers. I sticker them faithfully and bring them everywhere. My emotional support water bottle is real, and I found a few new favorites!

Miir launched in 2010 after founder Bryan Papé had a near-death experience and realized his dream was to start building a legacy of generosity. They do an excellent job pairing with some of the world's best non-profits bringing clean drinking water to populations worldwide. 

The new Climate+ line is another great example of what can be done when a business is as transparent and charitable as Miir.

Miir - Climate+ Wide Mouth Jar - MSRP $39.95

Miir is making a conscious effort to help the environment, and this new series boasts quite the stats to back it up. There are no new plastics, 25% less stainless steel, and 110% percent of its carbon footprint offset. What's not to like about that? This slender bottle fits perfectly in a cup holder in the vehicle, a side pocket on a backpack, or, my favorite, rolling around on the bottom of a fishing boat, keeping my coffee hot. I also enjoy a nice cocktail or mocktail on the hiking trail too. This thing keeps ice all day and weighs a mere 9.9oz when empty. 

Miir - Chris Burkard Collaboration Wide Mouth - MSRP $44.95

Chris is known for his aerial photography of amazing landscapes in his adopted backyard of Iceland. The Halendid Collection shows glacial sediment running through a frozen landscape. It's absolutely breathtaking on the bottle, so I can only imagine what it would look like in real life. Once again, this thing keeps ice all day, if not longer. Fill it up with crushed ice in the AM and still drink ice cold water when I wake up parched in the middle of the night. The 32oz wide mouth is a hair big for my cup holder but fits in the door pocket of my vehicle beautifully. The size and shape of this are my personal favorite out of the two I tested. The Burkard collaboration stays close to me and looks great at the same time. With $5 of every purchase going to Outdoor Outreach, a non-profit connecting youth to the transformative properties of nature, how can you go wrong?

With plenty of size options and even something for the animals in your life, Miir has something for everyone. My morning coffee is guzzled out of a Miir cup, my coffee grounds are stored in the Miir canister, and my lunch can stay hot in the food containers. Do I need any more? Probably not, but do I want to replace every cup in my cupboard with stainless steel? Absolutely. 

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