Adidas Daroga Shoes - Gear Review

When wandering the halls of the Outdoor Retailer show last January, one of the most impressive stops was at the Adidas Outdoor booth.  They have obviously made a huge commitment to the outdoor market and the expansive line they have for 2014 is evidence of that.  We had the chance to test and review the HydroTerra Shandals a while back, which were a water friendly trail running shoe built for gnarly terrain.  

Throughout most of the summer my son and I have both been testing the Daroga sneakers. Both sport a soccer styling, with an everyday functionality.  Mine are a water friendly breed, with a durable mesh upper sporting the ClimaCool ventilation to keep your feet cool in the summer heat.  The traction focused outsole provides incredible grip on everything from trails to river bottoms, and when you pull your foot out of the water the dozen holes in the sole expel the puddle underfoot in a hurry.  A integrated sock liner makes these some of the most comfortable shoes I own.   I have worn these everywhere from the Boundary Waters to mud riddles music festivals, and every time I wear them I think to myself, "is there nothing these shoes can't do well?"

My boy has been rocking the suede version of these and they are literally the only shoes he'll wear.  They may not be water shoes like Dad's, but they provide protection from the everyday wet he may run into. The same off-road traction lets him keep up to me on any hike we attempt, but is still subtle enough that he can wear them on the playground without issue.  

Adidas builds shoes that last.  As the parent of any 10-year-old boy can attest, he can destroy a pair of shoes in a matter of weeks.  These are going on 3 months and aside from an occasional wipe down they look like new.  The suede leather has taken a beating and has no visible tears or signs of abrasion.  The spiky soles may not be as spiky as they were then they came out of the box, but kickball and skateboards on pavement were surely not what the designers initially had in mind.

In searching online, these are a bit hard to find, but trust me when I say the hunt will be worth it.  As of right now you can find the Men's versions HERE for about $75 and the Boy's version HERE for about $50.

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