Costa Del Mar Grand Isle Sunglasses - Gear Review

Over the last couple of months I have been testing out new sunglasses from Costa Del Mar called the Grand Isles.  A more lifestyle oriented frame, which transitions easily from the boat to the patio.  Back in February I had a chance to review the Howler frames with 580P Polycarbonate lenses, which taught me more about sunglasses than I thought possible.  The clarity and color the Costa lenses provide are vivid and crisp, making extended wearing a pleasure.  

The Grand Isles I tested are sporting the 580 Glass lenses in the Green Mirror finish with Copper base glass.  Not only do they look sweet, but they are amazing when navigating creeks and lakes hunting for walleyes and small-mouth bass.  Glare off the water is all but eliminated and you ability to see into the water on bright sunny days is obviously what these glasses were made for.  While casting crank baits into the shallows for smallies, I could see the action of my bait from an amazing distance away.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing your lure disappear into the mouth of a fish, then setting the hook with a vengeance.  Pure fishing bliss.

My only complaint about these shades is that glass is far more fragile than the Polycarbonate, and I mean by a long shot.  I got about 3 months outta these before my daughter pulled them off my face, landing them on the concrete sidewalk.  The left lens chipped at the point of impact and it cracked vertically from top to bottom.  I am more than bummed.  The Howler frames with Poly lenses withstood a sick amount of abuse and show no signs of fatigue.  I even dropped my 50+ pound pack on them at camp, I was sure they were a tiny pile of pieces, yet they're good as new.  At the time of publishing I have an email into Costa to find out the repair cost for the cracked lens, because I am going to get them fixed.  I will let you know when I know...

So, if you are looking for new shades and you want something sporty enough for the water but cool enough to wear on the street, look no further.  These will not disappoint.

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