Costa Del Mar 580 Polycarbonate Sunglasses - Gear Review

With roughly 30 years of experience and the knowledge of a legion of sport fishing professionals, Costa Del Mar creates arguably the best polarized sunglasses on the planet.  The purists will tell you that glass lenses are the only acceptable option for true quality, but Costa took that as a direct challenge.  Their new 580 polycarbonate lenses are an amazing rebuttal.
The 580 refers to the fact that yellow light near 580 nanometers is extremely difficult for the human eye to process, so the new 580 lenses block it out completely.   These glasses provide the most optically clear, glare free vision I have ever experienced.  Built for spending time on the water, one of the most visually inhospitable environments, these shades are practically like wearing X-Ray Specs.  Spotting fish laying in the shallows has never been my forte, but apparently I wasn't bringing the right arsenal.

Light and incredibly scratch resistant, the polycarbonates are nearly indestructible.  I have had the opportunity to wear the Howler frames with the Grey 580 Poly lenses and I am thoroughly impressed.  These are not just for sitting in your boat either.  They are light and have a rubberized grip material on nose pads and the underside of the arms keeping them firmly in place during even the most vigorous activities.  Whether you are canoe fishing the back-waters or adventure racing in the mountains, these glasses will be a welcome addition to your gear list.

MSRP:$169.00 for Howler frames with 580 Polycarbonate lenses.

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