The Baladeo Eco179 - Gear Review

The Baladeo Eco179 is a knife designed for the typical adventurer whether they are found on a mountain, in the woods, or under the sea. This knife is marketed towards all experience levels and that shows through in the design intent.

The design intention for this knife was to be a lightweight easy accessible cutter that could be clipped onto a carabineer. It can easily be clipped onto a jacket, a backpack, or a lifejacket as long as you have a carabineer. I stress the easy accessibility of this item. Equipped with a left and right hand opening and closing system, this knife is very easy to use. It has a serrated edge, a smooth edge and a rope cutter to fit any needs possible while hiking, climbing or diving. The blunt, rounded edge also gives the blade strength of a longer blade without the weight and dangers of the pointed end.

Design wise, this is a fun knife to look at. The design is sleek and smooth which gives the entire item a more finished look. Plus you feel cool while flinging it open making it look like a switch blade. Ask anybody on the canoe trip and they’ll tell you I am a fan of the switch-blade-esque-whipping-out that has been epitomized on movies such as “The Outsiders”.

My only problem with this knife is that I feel the handle could have used a little more thought. There isn’t much grip and if your hands are wet, which they are if you’re paddling, you are going to have a hard time not dropping this knife into the drink. Secondly, if this knife was intended to be hooked onto a jacket why not include the clasp within the knife handle.

Baladeo is a fun company to say the least, apparent in their products and website. They have been designing outdoor accessories since 1995 so they have young energy while containing the expertise of superior craftsman. I recommend checking out their website and finding out more about them.

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