SOG SlipZilla Folding Knife - Gear Review

My affinity for pocket knives is getting a little out of control.  When heading out the door in the morning I am more likely to forget my phone or car keys than my knife.  Not sure what kind of psychosis I am suffering from but companies like SOG aren't helping.

Over the last couple of weeks, my EDC has been the SlipZilla from SOG.  This sturdy folder has been a trusty blade in all kinds of situations.  From day-to-day chores like opening packages and clam packs to heavy duty tasks like stripping kindling for a fire, it has performed beyond my expectations.

The slight curve that is made by the handle and blade when open, was initially odd to me, but seems to help deliver more leverage in harder cutting tasks and feels incredibly natural.  It has a 3.2" long blade that is a meaty 1" wide just in front of the thumb hole. It's a hard steel (Rockwell rating of 57-60) so it holds an edge really well.  I have abused this thing and there are no signs of chips or nicks in the edge.  I did run a stone over it once, just to bring it back to super sharp, but it really didn't need it.  The "hardcase" black coating on the blade helps thwart rust, which is a must for a guy that spends as much time around water as I do.

It isn't the easiest knife to open one-handed, but it is loosening up over time.  I was a little weary at first because it's lock-back system doesn't really "lock" the blade open.  I have a few scars on my fingers from knives that have closed on me before, but I haven't had a problem with this one yet.  I am conscious of the risk at all time though.  It sports a reversible clip, so you south-paws can switch it around.  The scalloped G-10 handles provide excellent grip and are super durable.

If you are looking for a legit knife and not a letter opener, this is a great option. It may be more knife than you first think you need, but you won't regret it ever.  Again SOG proves that you can get a top quality knife for just $50...

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Chris said…
I own several SOG Knives and have found them to be pretty darn good for the money. I do not own the SlipZilla (I want one!) but I do own the Trident and Aegis. They hold an edge pretty darn good and are great EDC in my opinion.