Findlay Hats - Review

A couple weeks before I headed out to Denver for the 4th of July weekend I found a sick hat on my Facebook feed and shared it on this page. I really thought nothing more of it and went about my normal day. Upon arrival in Denver I met a very nice kid by the name of Nick Hammond and proceeded to tell him about this hat I found on the internet. He then surprised me and told me that he designed the bill for that hat and works with the company that makes them. I couldn't of been happier at this discovery. Findlay hats makes some of the sickest designs out there and with excellent quality, a one of a kind strap system with these hats you will be ready for anything.

Findlay hooked it up when they sent us a little care package of goods. Three stellar hats, some gum and a boat load of stickers. Everyone knows how much we love stickers. I have continuously worn a different Findlay hat since I've received them. I was partial to the five panel design but the one I received from Findlay is fantastic. They have so many designs that I couldn't choose which ones I wanted, I let Nick do the picking and he didn't disappoint.

 I love hats and I couldn't be happier to be working with Findlay. In the words of an employee Findlay brand is  "built for good times" in relation to being the perfect hat for any situation. We do target specific niche's but we love being known for providing the perfect hat for any person based on how they can customize their setup.

Snowboarding in July
I wore one of these hats to Wisconsin Dells and didn't feel like holding my hat when I went on the ride. I then remembered that they were designed to not fall off, so I undid the strap and cinched it up under my chin. No worries about the hat flying off, I did however scream like a little girl throughout the entire ride. I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test the fantastic design but I'm positive it will stay on through any situation I can get myself into.

He looks thrilled :)

Be sure to keep an eye out on these guys. They constantly upgrade their stock and continue to come out with stellar design after stellar design, Be sure to sign up for their hat of the month club for 40% off msrp and new hats sent to your door monthly. Be sure to stay tuned and get yourself a couple of these hats.

MSRP: 34.99

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