Ugly Stik - Penn Fierce IV 2500 Combo Review

 Florida always feels like a good spot when the ice and snow pile up in front of the house, and this year was no different. I spent a week on the gulf this winter. Fishing, eating, drinking, and doing everything I couldn't do outdoors back home. Sure, you can fish on the ice, but I'd much rather be in shorts and a t-shirt sitting on a bench in the sun with a pole in the water.

Ugly Stik - Carbon Inshore Spinning Rod - MSRP $99.95

Ugly Stik has been a name I've heard for years, but I have not enjoyed it in person. That changed with the updated Carbon Inshore 100% graphite rod. 30% lighter than the comparable Abu Garcia rod while maintaining massive strength. Solid graphite tip allows that extra sensitivity to feel even on the most hesitant of bites. Built to last with rubber shrink tube handles, Fuji reel seat, and Ugly Tuff guides. I'm a fan and plan to use this for more than just salt water. 

With walleye spawn coming up, it's close to perfect for vertical jigging and feeling it the instant anything takes hold. Now it is designed for saltwater. I did use it in the gulf and had varied amounts of success. I have a decent grasp of how to fish in saltwater. I had no boat access and was relinquished to using the pier. Any fish out of the water was a success on my end, so I accomplished my goal.

Penn - Fierce IV 2500 - MSRP $109.95

The Penn 2500, with its full metal body and PENN® HT-100™ drag system, can handle almost anything you get into. I put 8lb fire wire fluorocarbon on it, and the smoothness of the line from the reel is impressive. I can throw a lure over them mountains it feels like when out on the water. Penn has been making great reels for a while and it feels like they continue to hone their craft. This reel will also get its use in fresh water but I'm happy knowing I can bring it on my next journey south and it will hold up to the rigors of the salt. My previous reel I brought down there ended up failing shortly after my return north.

To wrap everything up nicely. I have no complaints with the set-up and would suggest it to any one looking for something priced correctly and built properly.

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