Miir Holiday Gift Guide

 If you don't know, you do now. We at Team Paddle Junkie have an obsession with water bottles and cups. From stainless steel to the squishy travel cups you shove in your backpack to celebrate later. They come in all shapes and sizes, and Miir has quickly become one of our favorites. With new designs and packages coming out on what feels like a weekly basis, we are all for it.

This holiday season, Miir is doing something a little different. MiiR, makers of design-forward and generosity-driven reusable drinkware, is proud to announce plans to give 100% of sales to three nonprofit partners over the typically busy holiday shopping weekend of Nov 25, 26, and 27, 2022. Every dollar spent over those three days will go directly to one of the following groups, directed at the purchaser's choice: National Young Farmers Coalition, Bean Voyage, and Conservation Lands Foundation. This is MiiR's fourth year they'll be giving 100% of sales to nonprofit partners; however, in past years, this has only applied to Black Friday, making 2022 the first year that MiiR has expanded the 100% give to the entire three-day weekend. The company hopes to raise $100,000 for these three nonprofit partners over the Black Friday weekend. 

This is the biggest shopping holiday of the year. So might as well make an impact while you do.

Cold Brew Coffee Filter - MSRP $14.95

This stainless steel micro-perforated filter turns your 32 or 42-oz wide-mouth Miir bottles into a roving coffee shop. With a folding handle that allows for easy use and removal, you can put your favorite grounds in the morning and have that afternoon pick me up after lunch. Saving those couple of bucks for your drink in the process. The filter reduces sediment, so you have a nice smooth cup. I only tried cold brew, but I don't see why you can't use it to make hot coffee that will stay warm for multiple hours.

Who doesn't really like a good cocktail or a mocktail? With the cocktail shaker lid from Miir, turn any of their 20oz cups into a shaker. Paired with the Barware Tool Set, you can easily make delicious drinks at home, on the trail, or sitting around a campfire. My partner and I have been getting into making cocktails over the past few years, and this has elevated our game even further. What's not to like about a twist of lemon peel in your cocktail at home. Why not pretend we are sitting on a beach, having a tasty beverage. You can even pair your freshly made cold brew coffee into your drink. Substitute the liquor in an old-fashioned with coffee or pair it with some maple syrup and a hit of whiskey to make a delicious after-dinner drink. Pour it in the new low-ball style glass for that chunky supper club feel.

Picture it, your grandparent's garage, and out of the corner of your eye, the speckled blue camping gear. A timeless classic, no doubt but not very comfortable to hold on to a piping hot cup of coffee. Introducing the TruEnamel collection. Pure fired-glass enamel gives that classic polished look and the modern comfort of vacuum insulation, helping keep your beverage at the optimal temperature for longer. It feels like a classic when you pick it up, and I'm looking forward to more pieces being fired in the future. Currently rocking the classic 12oz coffee cup and tumbler. A modern take on a timeless classic can go wrong, but Miir hit the nail on the head with this one.

MiiR is a certified B Corporation, a 1% For The Planet member, a Climate Neutral Certified brand, and a Certified Evergreen Company. As of 2022, MiiR has given over $3.8 million to 200 organizations working across 26 countries toward social and environmental change through its unique Give Code.

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