CRKT Cobia : Lerch Design - Gear Review

I am by no means a knife aficionado, but I do know when I get a great knife in my hands. The CRKT Cobia delivers on all aspects. From the way it feels in your hand to the ability to cut anything I've attempted yet so far. I don't always have a need for a pocket knife but when I did, no one to be found, that's when I decided enough is enough I'm going to get my hands on the best every day carry knife I can find. The Cobia doesn't disappoint.

The moment I put this 2.5oz knife in my hands, I knew I had something special. The knife is a little over 3.5 inches when folded and with a quality frame lock mechanism I never have to worry about it popping open in my pocket. Had this happen before, not very pleasant. The clasp for slapping it into your pocket without wrestling with your knife makes a nice addition. No fear of falling out, but every once in a while I reach down and give a little pat just to ensure its still safely snug in my back pocket. Maybe carrying it in my front pocket would alleviate that problem? I think the carabiner I hold my keys on would have a hard time forfeiting its place in front. The design allows for a very comfortable grip at almost every angle. 

I carry this knife every where with me, showing it off at every occasion possible. The easy opening mechanism allows for one hand operation. My friends faces, with a tinge of jealousy, when they feel how light it is reassures me that I have an excellent addition to my small but growing collection. CRKT has managed to make an excellent EDC knife with out breaking the bank. Matthew Lerch went above and beyond with the design of this knife. I would love to add more CRKT knives to my collection, you should too.

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