AfterShokz Trekz Air - Gear Review

If you're anything like me music is a necessity when it comes to getting through your day. I do have the luxury to walk the office with headphones in listening to music. Whether you're at work, out on the trail or walking down the street, I've always envision having my own theme music. The AfterShokz Trekz Air delivers just that. Quality sound, comfortable fit and the ability to subconsciously or actively listen to your surroundings.

The initial packaging was impressive and came with all you needed to get started right away. The carrying case however never got used. The dog, no joke, the dog got ahold of it. I appreciate brands that use standard charging ports, no fancy custom charger needed here. Standard mini usb and you're all set. The small led tells you a lot about what's going on with your headphones. Between it blinking when the battery is running low, pairing to a new device and when it's completed it's charge you don't have to have them on your head to find out what is going on. 
Pairing to my phone was relatively straight forward and took all of 30 seconds. I found myself taking some time getting used to the "type" of sound it produces. The best way I found to describe it is music being produced inside your head not being pushed into it like normal headphones. The range of sound these produce is enough to satisfy even the most critical of headphone junkies. Battery life was never an issue, from work to play without a single care in the world. And with a standard charging port a quick plug in for the car ride was enough to extend the battery without worry.

I find myself getting so captivated by the music that I forget I can still hear my surroundings as if there is no music going on. I almost jumped out of my boots when the crosswalk started talking and I could hear it. These are perfect for runners, walkers or hikers alike. Not sure if it's just a guy thing but it did take some getting used to when holding a conversation in the office with music playing in your head. 

All in all, the Trekz Air is a solid pair of headphones for the active type. Being able to listen to your surrounding when you're running in the city is a plus. I have done it multiple times, engrossed in music not paying attention and walking down the middle of street. I have worn these on multiple occasions for the entire day with almost no discomfort, and when you don't want them on they fit snugly around your neck for easy access. Don't be thrown of by the bone conductivity technology, it's safer for your ear drums and you can listen to it as loud as you want. Music is a huge part of my life and these deliver on a whole new level.

MSRP: $179.95 - BUY IT NOW

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