Vuori - Ripstop Climber Review

We all have a pair of pants that as soon as they come out of the wash they are on and stay on until they are well beyond needing to be washed again. It took a while but eventually, the Vuori Ripstop Climber became that pair.

I often work from home so I find myself being able to lounge around far more than someone who works at the office. That being said, I have quite the array of comfy pants and almost always choose these when they are clean. Plenty of pocket options allow me to carry my pocket knife and magnetic money clip without them sticking to each other. The front leg side zipper is perfect for cash or a small wallet.

98% cotton with a bit of Elastane thrown in for a little stretch makes these some of the most comfortable pants I have in my collection. Dare I say fashionable as well? I am not ashamed to pair them with a slip-on boot, a decent shirt and hit the town. I recently moved from the Twin Cities to way more of a rural setting and these bad boys still fit in with all the camo and Busch Light.

Not afraid to rip up the trails with these either. Plenty of legroom in the areas that count. I have had almost no leg ride up when I walk.

They do tend to fit a little more on the slim side so for a baggier/ relaxed fit just go up a size and cinch the drawstring a bit tighter. With multiple colors to choose from, load up and look good doing it.

Buy it now: MSRP $89.00

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