Pakems - Men's Chamonix Shoe Review

Most companies love to advertise how light and packable their shoes are. My cohort in Team Paddle Junkie ran into Pakems and we had to give them a try. These are without a doubt some of the lightest shoes if not the lightest I have put on my feet.

The weather in my neck of the woods wasn't cooperating for the longest time so it took longer than I wanted to get them on my feet to try out. The river is still at flood stage and it's been "cold" relatively speaking. I live for the weather where I don't have to wear sock so I patiently waited for my first opportunity.

It came recently with a 2.5 mile round trip hike to Effigy Mounds. Gorgeous scenery and well groomed trails make for an easy hike but I came out of there with a new appreciation for the shoes I had on. No sign of blistering and very little to no aching in my feet. As we all know, new shoes take some time to break in but these felt good right off the bat.

My feet sweat profusely and these breath relatively well. I have yet to put them through the paces for the water proofing but I have a feeling they will perform just fine.

I'm lazy so any shoe I can slip on and go is perfect. The back of the shoe is designed to collapse for easy on and off and I'm prone to just leaving it down and using the shoe as a slip on.

Super grip rubber outsole, a stash pocket for your valuables and three different styles make Pakems an easy choice when it comes to camp/trail shoes. They "tie" easily and a very comfortable for long periods of time, they look a little odd but I got over that quickly. If you are constantly on the go, make Pakems your next choice.

Buy Now - MSRP $60.00

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