Dickies Work Wear - Gear Review

They say it is wrong to assume, but at this point, I would assume everyone has heard about Dickies Work Wear. They have been synonymous with quality since day one. My first memory of Dickies was the painter pant, I was more of a shorts and sports jersey kid. But as you grow up you eventually need clothing that doesn’t make you look like a punk. Being in the concrete production industry in sales leads from the job site to the conference room in a span of a few hours. You need pants to not only look good but perform as well.
Dickies had always been one of the more affordable options when it comes to work clothes. Don’t let that fool you, it is high quality clothing for a great price. They have recently introduced FLEX to their line and from first hand experience this stuff is amazing. Workers from the old school believe that stretch equals poor quality, that is not the case. Females have had stretch for years and it’s time work wear followed suite. 

As stated previously the pants have been a staple in the Dickies line up for as long as I can remember. In a span of a few days I went from a salt mine to a job site outside of Cincinnati and wore exclusively the new FLEX pant. Surprisingly comfortable for being a work pant, plenty of space in the crotch and knees as you maneuver around the site. Never did I feel the urge to dig into the cavern of under garments created when everything bunches up. Good underwear helps the cause but with pants that fit it’s non-existent. 

Another reason for having quality work wear is you don’t look out of place. A sales guy shows up at the job site with slacks and polished boots, your kicked off the site before you can get a word in edge whys. 

The next thing you need out on the job site is a quality coat. Don’t “act” tough and show up with just a sweatshirt or t-shirt. A quality coat is required this time of year, whether you’re out there for 20 min or all day. I will admit, I haven’t worn the coat as much as I wear the pants. They are the same color so having a matching set feels a little like wearing a Canadian Tuxedo. Regardless of that, it’s amazing. It looks like a sweatshirt underneath a great canvas jacket but feels like the ultimate job site jacket. Plenty of room in the elbows and a relaxed fit allows for extra layers when it gets below zero.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dickies since the shorts days and will continue to be for a long time. With amazing price points and access to it at almost every major retailer there is no reason to not get into their stuff. I am currently wearing their socks and they don’t disappoint either. 

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