Urban Camping - Summer Series: Episode 1

The majority of people think camping has to be a long drawn out process, but why? Most people have a perfectly groomed flat spot right in their backyard. Why not pitch the tent and enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. This weekend I spent the majority of my time in the tent right outside my front door. 

It started with a co-worker talking about pitching his tent to prepare it for the season. I thought to myself that sounds like a great idea. So, on the way home I hit the deli / liquor store for the essentials. I picked up a steak, cheese curds, a stick of pepperoni, 12 pack of Pacifico and a bag of ice. I packed my Pelican cooler full of ice, beer and food, grabbed my tent, sleeping bag, cot and went out the door.

If you are a camper of any sorts, you already have all the essentials to get started. No need for a 70 liter pack with 4 days worth of food and everything you can imagine for any scenario. If it gets to bad you can go inside for the night.

I read a book on the porch, listened to some music and enjoyed the weather. It did however decide to rain on my parade and I spent from 8 pm on inside the tent. I did take advantage of the Wi-Fi and watched a few episodes on my laptop.

All in all it was a great evening and ultimately a test for the dog and myself to see if we could put up with each other all night inside the tent. Urban camping in a densely populated neighborhood does have it's drawbacks. Plenty of foot and car traffic along with people coming and going from the surrounding houses. I currently dwell in East St. Paul so the little noise I did have came as a blessing in disguise.

Ultimately connecting with my friends who live in different neighborhoods will allow for me to gather a great picture on what it takes to enjoy your backyard to the extent it deserves.

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