Walls Workwear - Gear Review

Since 1938 Walls has been making quality gear ranging from hunting gear to high end work wear. Walls had quality set up at OR in Salt Lake City when we were out there in January and we couldn't wait to get our hands on some of their stuff. It was hard to decide what I wanted with such an expansive catalog. I went with a tried and true heavy winter jacket infused with Kevlar and a lighter soft shell, only because we had snow up until a couple weeks ago. Keep in mind that cold weather will be upon us before we can fully appreciate the summer that seems to disappear before our very eyes.

Walls Workwear Muscle Back Jacket with Kevlar-

The walls package showed up on one of those days where it was almost to warm to wear a heavy jacket but I knew this was the right choice. Within a matter of days it was time to wear the winter coat once again. Infuse with Walls Dry IQ water proof finish this coat is designed to keep you warm and dry throughout your entire work day. This is Minnesota, one minute the sun is out and your debating on shedding layers, the next minute it's a full blown snow storm. You don't want to be stuck outside without protection. Infused with 5% Kevlar this jacket can put up with any punishment you can throw at it. Infused with enough pockets to hold on your belongings and still have room for some snacks. The Velcro strip on the cuffs allow for the proper adjustment to keep the cold out from in between your gloves and the jacket itself. Lined with a signature RealTree AP pattern you can bring out your inter hunter at work. With a sleek design this is a jacket not just for work, it doubled as a jacket for a night on the town multiple times.

MSRP: $131.99

Wall Storm Protector Sherpa Lined Jacket-
This is the perfect jacket for those chilly spring mornings or cool summer nights. The perfect mix between the hard and soft shell, built to protect you from the wind and the water. With fleece lined front pockets a zippered chest pocket and just a hint of reflective accents gives this coat just enough to set it apart from the rest. I find myself pulling this out of the closet on a regular basis, 50 degree mornings require a little more then just a t-shirt and this is the perfect fit. Rather large cuffs and waist band keep out the cold as well as keep you comfy. Out of the two jackets we tested this one will find itself on my shoulders a lot more then the other. This is probably due to the fact that nice weather has once again graced it's presence upon this fine land.

MSRP: $91.99

Walls has been making quality obtainable gear for well over a century. With jackets, pants and shirts for almost any outdoor activity this a brand to get your hands on. I have definitely became a fan over the last few months being able to throw these jackets on, on a regular occasion. With prices ranging from $90 to $150 this is a brand that wont break the bank.

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