Boot Buyers Guide - Winter 2015-16

Winter seems to have it's death grip on us and has no signs of letting up. Yeah yeah yeah its been above zero for the last few days, but I have a feeling cold weather will be upon us for the next few months. We all know what that means, boots. Even when the weather lets up, slushy sidewalks and deep puddles is what we get to look forward to. Having yourself the right set of boots is a necessity. From high quality dress boots to heavy duty hikers we have you taken care of.

Timberland Britton Hill - Timberland promised new and exciting things this upcoming year when we met with them earlier this year at Outdoor Retailer. They delivered and we can all reap the benefits. The Britton Hill Waterproof boot fits great, looks amazing and goes with almost any outfit. Black leather boots are a necessity in my work environment and these are amazing. If you get the chance, put a pair of these in your closet this year.  MSRP: $190

Adidas Outdoor Urban Hiker - Being a fan of Adidas I was pumped to try these out. Lightweight at only 17.3 oz (size 9) with a comfy sole and an epic continental grip, these are the perfect urban hiker. With a sneaker style they go perfect in the office, straight to the torrent of melt water from the roof of the office building. If you value walking anywhere without slipping on your ass, hook yourself up with a pair of these bad boys.  MSRP: $180

Wolverine & Stormy Kromer Collaboration Peninsula Boots - We received a test pair of these boots the day before we flew to Salt Lake City and I put 20 plus miles on them and my feet were still happy.  They are a marriage of two historic brands, plus they are sharp as hell. I definitely recommend snagging a pair of these boots. Combining timeless tradition with looks to match is something you need in the closet.  MSRP: $400

Palladium Pampa Waterproof LUX: Urban style with off-road capabilities; yes please.  Whether hitting up the local pub or the snowy trail on the way home, the Palladiums are happy to play along.  Fully waterproof with a gnarly traction pattern, we've put these boots thru a torture chamber of tests and they far exceeded our expectations.  Looking more like a sneaker and less like a boot makes these a casual winter option for just about anyone.  MSRP: $140

Wolverine Wilbur Boots:  Yet another example of Wolverine's dedication to making quality boots.  With a price-point most people can justify, you are getting real value in the Wilbur boot. Real distressed leather with a broken in out-of-the-box feel, these are your favorite old boots while they still have the tags on them.  Waterproof and sporting a classic rubber outsold, bring on the slush and snow, they ain't scared.  MSRP: $175

Timberland 6 inch Lineman Boots:  My go-to boots thus far this winter.  Supple Horween leather and memory foam footbeds stitched to a Vibram outsole, these boots scream quality, Built to be refurbished after being well loved, they will be handed down to my son some day.  A great blend of form and function.  MSRP: $475 $350

Hanwag Grunten Hikers:  Some of the most well built trad hikers we have ever had our hands on.  Hanwag just gets it.  Building their boots from the ground up, they don't miss a thing.  They need a little breaking in, but these will also last forever.  Classic hiker looks but so well done they laugh at your old man's fancy loafers in style. Hiking a gnarly trail, no problem they were made for that sh!t.  MSRP: $370

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