Keen - Uneek - Gear Review

It seems like just yesterday we were all rocking shorts and sandals to run errands. Unfortunately for us those days are over but that doesn't mean I still can't wear my Uneeks around town. The Paddle Junkie has been rocking Keens from the beginning, I myself testing out a few pair. For an all around shoe I think these have been my favorite so far,

This being the second iteration of the Uneek they have totally revamped the show and turned it into something special. Removing pinch points and redesigning the strap along the back of the foot, the new design is damn near perfect. At least four days a week these shoes have been on my feet, whether I'm hanging out in the office or trouncing around outdoors these shoes have surpassed all my expectations. Of course when at the office I throw a pair of black socks on, most people can't tell they are nothing more then two ropes and a sole. Weighing in at only 11.1 oz per shoe I honestly can't even tell I have shoes on. These are the perfect for that gorgeous day at the water park or hanging out with the kids at the local beach. I enjoy challenging the status quo and wearing these out on the town. They just happened to be the finishing touch on my Halloween costume.

Made almost entirely of 550 para-cord these shoes have the uncanny ability to stretch with your foot, so maneuvering over rough terrain there is little to no resistance from the shoes. This is a huge deal when your feet are size 13 and your hiking with sandals on. With and internal support system anatomically engineered to provide excellent support and cradle the natural contours of the foot.

I fully plan wearing these deep into the winter months. Throw on a pair of thick wool socks and I'll be set. I'm not going hiking in the winter with sandals on but running to my car to get to work is more than acceptable. Keen makes shoes / boots for any and all terrain. These Uneeks are one of my all time favorite shoes. Extremely comfortable and with enough traction to overcome any obstacle I throw at it, Uneek should become a part of your collection. With Christmas rapidly approaching it's something to add to your list.

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