If Kickstarter was the name of your local drinking saloon I'd be yelling "LASSSSTTTTTT CALLLL" at this moment. There is a kickstarter coming to a close that you should check out before the weekend's end. To all the gear-heads out there looking for a function-driven piece of furniture for their living rooms that also starts a conversation- this one is for YOU. 

You're probably thinking "What the hell is a lounge chair doing on a gear website?". Well, if function is king in the gear world then why shouldn't your living room furniture reflect the same aesthetic? This thing performs. The cantilever is stunning- using cold bent steel rod instead of tubular steel the chair's profile looks more like a suspension bridge then the typical blocky sled. The chair is as comfortable as a hammock without having to put any holes in your dry wall. CR45 has the simplicity of European furniture while being handcrafted and perfected in Bellevue, Nebraska. Think European Aesthetic with a Midwestern Attitude. Although the chair can't be packed into the woods and hauled up mountains, this is an item any gear-junkie would love to have in their living room. 

There are roughly 2 days left of the kickstarter campaign so make sure to check out the product, read about the story and support an american craftsman pursuing his passion. Click here to check it out. 


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