ThermaRest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot - Gear Review

For many of the members of Team Paddle Junkie, sleeping on the ground is a thing of the past.  Hammocks have taken over our campsite.  That said, there are times thought when a hammock just isn't practical; no trees, brought the kids along, etc...  So, when setting up a tent, what to sleep on is a major question.  Sleeping pads or inflatable mattresses are an option, but for a truly restful night's sleep a camp cot is hard to beat.  Our man Bob had the chance to test out the ThermaRest LuxuryLite UltraLiteCot.  Here are his thoughts...

First time using this cot, I found it much more comfortable than the old on-the-ground sleeping pad I had come to know on our past trips.  It provides insulation (1 ½ to 3 inches of air) from the ground as well as a softer surface which is very light-weight and seems breathable. Weighing 140 lbs, I found the cot very comfortable for a night’s sleep.  I suspect someone heavier might be less comfortable as suspension bars would be felt especially in the mid-section.  There are choices in where to place the bars, so it is somewhat customizeable depending on the heaviest parts of your body or your peculiar sleeping positions.   

Good directions are provided and once a support bar is assembled, it takes less time than a bite of protein bar to assemble the rest.  Once up, I was amazed at how the cot was able to handle changes in the ground below it without transferring that to the sleeping surface. Say goodbye to the root in your back or the slight slope of the hill you are on.  A sleeve type bag is provided to hold all the pieces (32, but don’t let that deter you—none of them are very big and this is where the genius of this cot truly comes from) in a relatively small volume for the comfort it affords.

All-in-all we give this cot two giant thumbs up.  Light, easily packable, and quick set-up all make for a camp bed that even the fussiest of sleepers can appreciate.  At $219 for the regular length and $239 for the long, they aren't cheap, but your back will thank you in the morning.

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