Sea-to-Summit Tek Towel - Gear Review

Carrying a towel on your camping trip sounds like a complete waste of space in your pack, right?  Well there are times when having something along is an absolute necessity.  Old skool campers may remember the days of bringing a car chamois into the woods.  Light, small and incredibly absorbent it fit the bill as well as anything around.  New materials have made them a thing of the past forever.  Enter the micro-fiber towel, like the Tek Towel from Sea-to-summit.  We had the chance to test these out on our latest BWCA trip and were incredibly impressed, for reasons beyond drying off after a quick dip in the lake.

Packing down to next to nothing, it was almost unnoticeable in my pack.  We tried the 'medium' 20" x 40" size, which was perfect for our needs.  Take a swim, dry off, wring it out, dry off another guy, repeat.  It was amazingly absorbent and felt 90% dry after a good twisting.  What was a real shocker happened on our way out.  All I can say is Wow!  This towel sucked all the moisture out of sweaty nasty clothes at the bottom of  my day pack, placed there after packing out of the BWCA through four lakes and over four portages at the end of our trip.  It performed this well while still rolled up in its own little stuff sack.  Maybe all micro towels do this, but I was thoroughly impressed! I have to admit it smelled awful but washed up admirably. I cannot wait to use it transitioning between the swim and the bike on my next triathlon.  I’ll let you know how that goes.
Retails on Amazon for $23.95

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