Gramicci NPT Organic Tee - Gear Review

Packing for a week in the wilderness could be stressful when you have to consider wearing a new shirt every day. I’ve tried all sorts of sports shirts on previous trips but most of these shirts tend to feel more like jerseys and less like your favorite cotton tee. The last thing I want when throwing  a 100lb food pack on my back is an itchy uncomfortable synthetic fabric digging into my shoulders rubbing them raw. We all know the shirts I’m talking about- normally they have trademarked terms for their synthetic technology like “WispVent Technology” or “BreathSpine Ability” and other combinations of words more fit for car interiors than clothing. These shirts don’t last long in the woods.

Gramicci makes it simple- the NPT Organic Tee is almost half hemp and half organic cotton. This combines to make the best shirt for an outdoor trip. This shirt has the ability to wick away sweat, keep you at an optimum temperature (like most sports tees), AND eliminates odor build up while being super comfortable. The shirt is perfect for paddling with a lifejacket on, carrying a pack over terrain or lounging fireside at dinner time.

For this year’s BWCA trip I packed a few shirts for 5 days in the wilderness, but only wore one- the same NPT Organic Tee.  So whether your planning a trip to the woods, the canyons, the ocean, or a Saturday music festival a Gramicci NPT Organic Tee will keep you focused on the scenery and not your sweat.

MSRP: $32.00 (currently on sale at for $19.20)

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