Wolverine - Spoke Waterproof Composite Toe EH Work Boot - Gear Review

It's that time of year again where dodging puddles on your way to work is becoming a necessity. After having worn mesh running shoes to work for the last five years, transitioning to work boots has come at exactly the right time. No longer necessary is hiking your pants up and tip toeing through the rivers that seem to endlessly flow through the parking lot. Sloshing through without a care in the world has become my pre-work routine and the new Spoke waterproof work boots from Wolverine achieve this feat with no trouble at all.

Incorporating the (previously reviewed) ICS comfort technology, a gel disc in the heel which allows for adjustment to the cushioning and impact dampening to match your personal preferences. Personally I chose the setting which allowed for the most cushion due to walking on concrete all day. This setting allowed my feet to feel refreshed even after a long day. In addition to the waterproof ability, these boots protect against electrical current and have slip resistant soles for worry free maneuvering.

Having worn these on the regular for over a month now I can happily say they are holding up beautifully. With zero fraying of the stitches and having fully broken in these boots sure make for happy feet. Wolverine has always made excellent products in my opinion and these boots only solidify that. Buy a pair for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

MSRP. 142.00


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Olivia Wilson said…
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