GSI Commuter Java Press - Gear Review

When we first tested the GSI Java Press about 2 years ago, we really didn't think you could improve upon that back-country coffee machine.  Well, enter this little beauty.  This is the little brother to the 30 ounce camp size version.

This is the ultralight hiker's coffee press, or a great option for the java press addict on the run.  The science behind the coffee press isn't akin to nuclear physics, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative. GSI took what appears to be a fairly standard thermal coffee bottle from the outside and replaced the guts with a two layer press system that ditches the traditional plunger all together.
Let me set the scene for you.  Pull on the top and out slides a clear plastic bottle, just small enough to fit inside another nearly identical exterior shell.  The base of the now removed interior bottle has a rubber "O" ring and a mesh filter bottom.  Pour grounds and hot water in the bottom of the neoprene covered shell, let steep for a couple minutes.  Now slowly slide the interior tube back in place and the filter separates grounds from java goodness.  Unscrew the leak proof lid and add creamer or sugar, if that's your thing.

It makes about 15 ounces of joe per press, so you get 2 good sized mugs at camp, or enough to make it all the way to the office without caffeine deficiency induced road rage.  A quick rinse and it is ready to go again, or throw it in the top rack of the dish washer for a "like new" appearance.  I have run dozens of batches of grounds through this and it works as well today as it did when it came out of the box.  It may only make half the coffee of it's big brother, but I use the commuter for just that, commuting.  Beats the heck out of gas station java any day...

MSRP:  $19.95

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