GoScope Extreme - Gear Review

Action cameras are not all that new.  With GoPro leading the charge, and the big name electronics companies like Sony and Panasonic getting on-board, they keep getting better and better.  Taking pics and video of what you see when you are shredding down the mountain is cool and all, but the action selfie has gotten the GoPro-ers attention.  Getting the perfect angle and distance from you was an issue.  Enter the GoScope Extreme...

There are a couple of features that make this pole exceptional.  First of all, it is incredibly light for all that it does.  Weighing in at only 6 ounces, it goes practically unnoticed in your pack.  Made to work with the GoPro cameras (but adaptable to just about anything on the market) you can quickly snap a camera in and be rolling in seconds.  You can actually mount two cameras on it at the same time, facing in opposite directions, so you can get both the "selfie" and "my perspective" shots simultaneously.  

It telescopes in two spots to go from  17" to 37", giving you a huge range compared to the other poles on the market.  It hold up to fresh and salt water without issue, and even floats with one camera attached, which is a major bonus for us paddlers.

Having tested this for a few weeks, I am impressed with it's build quality.  No visible signs of wear yet and it is easy to operate locking into position firmly.  Since it is as light as it is, it doesn't cause extra strain on your arm after holding it out for extended periods of time.  I have often used it as a monopod of sorts to capture shots around camp without having to set the camera on a rock somewhere.  The foam grip is soft, but not so soft it breaks down or tears easily, and it doesn't seem to hold any water.  All in all I am impressed.

Grab yourself one and get in on the action selfie craze.  Everyone's doin' it.

MSRP: $59.95

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