Teva Originals - Gear Review

Sandal legends, Teva, have dusted off the designs that made them famous. Celebrating 30 years of wicked sandals called for some 1980's vibes, and that is exactly what Teva is delivering for the Spring of 2014.  The Teva Originals bring bright colors and classic patterns to adorn what is possibly the most recognizable sandal ever created.  It may have been a long time since their inception on the banks of the Colorado River, but their style and functionality are timeless.  
I swear I had these exact same sandals circa 1994
Whether you are looking for ultra classic, or maybe classic with a bit of an upgrade, the Originals line has what you need.  These Hurricane XLT sandals are trail ready and still hold on to what made the Originals, well Original...
Hurricane XLT Originals - trail ready sandals
The folks at Teva say...  "As the brand brings to life its classic sandal with bold colors, heritage patterns and collaborations it also looks to the next chapter with TevaSphere. Initially launching in spring 2013, TevaSphere combines a spherical heel with a pod arch system to offer phenomenal stability across various terrain. Coming this spring, Teva will blend the best of both worlds with the expansion of the TevaSphere technology into sandals. 

“As we turn 30, the celebration is about being true to our outdoor authenticity that celebrates where we have come from and where we are going,” says Joel Heath, brand president.

Well, from my perspective, adding 21st century tech to a 20th century classic only makes sense.  Keep up the good work Teva, I dig it.

MSRP: $40-$80 depending on style...  

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