Cool Cat Pro - Gear Review

We may be just days away from Spring according to the calendar, but apparently Mother Nature doesn't care about the date.  With a few inches of fresh snow and high temps in the upper 20's, flowers and green grass feel like a myth more than ever. So, for now we will continue to get out and  play in the snow.  In my battle against the elements this winter, I have been testing out a Cool Cat Pro.  This incredibly versatile neck wrap has proven its usefulness on several occasions. 

Whether you are running a trail or snowshoeing a frozen lake, breathing in frosty air can be downright painful.  Trust me when I tell you that having your nostrils freeze shut when you are sucking wind is no fun. I have tried a number of "neck wraps" over the last couple of years and the Cool Cat Pro just does so many things right, it is hard not to like it.  From a face mask with snap adjustments for a better fit to a head band to keep the sweat out of my eyes, I have officially retired my trusty bandanna.

Cool Cat Pro's available in 5 colors.
The Cool Cat is thinner and softer than most I have tried.  Right out of the box it was silky smooth and comfortable.  Made from a micro-fiber polyester it wicks moisture better than any cotton or wool I have ever tried.  Beyond working as a neck and face wrap, you can use the Cool Cat for all kinds of different uses.  For everything from keeping my shaggy do out of my face to wrapping around my wrist to keep the sweat from making the grip on my fishing rod slippery, no matter what I have asked it to do it worked like a champ.

Whether you are armoring yourself from the heat or the cold, frost or sweat, the Cool Cat Pro is a Swiss Army Knife of sun/wind/cold protection.  Check out their "How it Works" page for a full list of ideas.

MSRP:  $19.99 each; $49.99 for 3; $74.99 for all 5 colors.

I received a Cool Cat Pro for free from Cool Cat as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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