Slump Test- Roaring Lion Energy Drink

Once again, I have fallen into that mid-afternoon slump. I have to study about 400 years worth of Architecture for a history class, so I need a boost. Luckily, I have a Roaring Lion Energy Drink waiting for me in the fridge. Let’s see how the afternoon plays out.

3:38 PM- Crack open can, take first sip. Pretty sugary taste, what I expected. The taste is comparable to most energy drinks (Red Bull especially). The can says that it increases mental focus. So we will put that to the test this afternoon. 

3:45 PM- I am a few more mouthfuls in-  there is definitely an initial boost in focus and energy. 

3:48 PM- The taste is growing on me. I am now about halfway through the can. 

3:53 PM- Polished off the rest of the 12 OZ can. I am still very energized without the “jitters”. Cruising on these study slides. 

4:10 PM- The buzz is still going after roughly 30 minutes. 

4:45 PM- Still maintaining a very good energy boost. I have not “crashed” yet so this energy drink gets my stamp of approval. 

The majority of energy drinks that I have consumed in the past end up giving me a boost without the focus.  Roaring Lion is one of the few that gave me the boost along with some horse blinders and tunnel vision. I was able to continue on my work because I didn’t have “nervous energy”. The feeling is almost that of a slow release tablet- the energy boost is sustained and not rushed into you. Next time I am in need of an energy drink I would take Roaring Lion over any of the other competitors.

For those of us that enjoy an occasional energy drink cocktail...  I can't give a big enough thumbs up to Roaring Lion in that department.  Crazy Good!


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