Slump Test- Cocaine Energy Drink

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon and I have officially hit the mid-afternoon slump. I’ve got three hours of work left to do and I could easily take a nap. Luckily, I have a Cocaine Energy Drink. I’ll keep you updated on how this plays out.

2:03 PM: Get red can out of fridge, Spicy Hot flavor (hopefully this isn’t related to prairie-fire shots), notice the health risks. This should do the trick. Notice the energy level is rated in longhorns. This is 3 and half. Not sure how that stacks up against tea leaves, coffee grounds, or any other horned animal…

2:08 PM: Crack of can and first sip. Goes down smooth- tastey. Followed by a tingle in my nose. (Must be how they got their name).

2:15 PM: Now a few swigs in. Got a good feeling going. Not sure if it’s the caffeine or the cinnamon flavor in my throat from the drink. Tiredness still lingers, but fading.

2:22 PM: Broke out in a little bit of a sweat. Going strong at this point. Halfway through the can, the tingle in the nose goes away, but still an “after burn” in the throat. 

2:31 PM: Finished the can. Feel pretty caffeinated, but still retaining focus. 

2:49 PM: Harder to maintain focus, but a nap is the furthest thing from my mind. 

3:02 PM: Just yawned.

3:10 PM: Although this drink offered a good pick up for about an hour. The caffeine has almost completely worn off. Trying to see how long this will last before I grab a cup of coffee.

3:21 PM: Got up out of chair to get coffee. 

For the most part the Cocaine Energy Drink did the trick of boosting my mid- afternoon slump. However, the rush only lasted for about an hour. After the first swig, I thought this drink was going to kick my butt. The strong cinnamon taste and tingle in my nose lead me to believe this would be a longer rush. The taste was new and different, the caffeine boost was noticeable, but the longevity was mediocre. At the end of this trial I would recommend Cocaine Energy drink to friends looking for a quick pick-me-up. 


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