Maui Jim Surf Rider Sunglasses - Gear Review

Over the last couple of years, we have had the opportunity to review a number of sunglasses from Maui Jim. We have yet to find a pair that was truly a disappointment.  A couple of months ago they came out with a new style, the Surf Riders, and they have taken the position of my new every-day go-to shades.  Let me tell you why...
Style:  These Maui Jim's have more street style than any I have worn.  The black frames with blue interior are just a bit different from your everyday solid black, but not so crazy you need to be a teenager to pull them off.  The rectangular lens shape and thick bows fit my face incredibly well and just feel rock solid.
Performance:  The Neutral Grey lenses that come in these frames are ideal for bright light conditions.  I have extremely light sensitive eyes, and these are simply amazing lenses.  Cutting the vast majority of the glare without loss of clarity.  MJ's SuperThin glass is more than just marketing hype too, at 20% thinner than the standard you get all the performance of glass without the extra heft.  The contoured shape of the frames and the rubber nose pads keep these firmly planted in place even if you are wet.

Testing:  I ran these through two separate week long tests in some of the most demanding conditions possible.  Both cases put me on the water nearly all day, with bluebird skies and glare coming from everywhere.  5 days in a canoe, a week behind the wheel of a wakeboard boat, hours and hours on a JetSki.  Not once did I long for something more from my shades.  Normally, I wouldn't jump on a jet powered speed machine with a $220 pair of sunglasses on my face, that's just a recipe for heartbreak, not the case with these.  They felt like they were superglued to my face.

It is no secret that we are fans of Maui Jim shades, but they just keep raising the bar.  I know they are an investment, but once you try a pair you will understand why they are simply better.

MSRP: $219

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