Stanley Ninteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle - Gear Review

The Stanley Ninteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle is designed to keep carbonated beverages cold and pressurized.  The domed top and bottom provide the necessary design for holding and maintaining pressure when sealed.  The bottle has two twist off caps: one that removes completely to open the entire bottle for easy filling/cleaning, and a smaller spout cap with hinge-strap for drinking and pouring.  A sleeve on the outside helps insulate the bottle.  A firm plastic handle provides a grip to slip your fingers through.

Stanley Ninteen Carbonated Bottle - Shown in "Stormtrooper" white -sweet.
Naturally, I tried this out with the most popular of carbonated beverage: beer.  First, at 32 ounces this thing easily handles 2 12-ounce selections of whatever is at hand.  Twist open the entire top to fill the bottle, seal her up and be on your way.  To test this out I took it out on the water at noon and drank it at several intervals over a 45 minute period.  Even with regular openings and closings the beer was still carbonated, though at the 45 minute mark it was starting to fade.  Start-to-finish the temperature was nearly as cold as when I filled it.  Admittedly, this was an extreme test as I would not normally spend that long with that many bottle openings/closings on anything.  This bottle stood up to the challenge anyway.

A key feature to this bottle: DISHWASHER SAFE!  Under the handle is a zipper too remove the outer sleeve.  Unscrew the top and toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.  The handle is made out of a fairly rigid plastic, and unhooking it to get to the zipper was a little tricky but not insurmountable.

Whether a day on the lake, a hike in the woods, or a trip to the park, this bottle is worth it.

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