Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack - Gear Review

The Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack by Gerber is an all-in-one solution to any camping mishap. Did you forget your flashlight? Left your fire starter at home? Found yourself stranded on an island? Packed capped bottles instead of twisties?  This kit has everything.

The core of the multi-tool is the versatility of it.  Equipped with 12 components this kit is a regular multi-tool with some beautiful details that enhance the utility. The pliers has a recoil spring which keeps the tool in your hand while you’re shaking from the cold. This component is accompanied with a nice set of wire cutters as well. A knife (smooth and serrated), a flathead and a standard screw driver, a bottle opener, a scissors, an awl, a finger nail file, and a wood saw are all integrated into the handles. The locking mechanism located on the handles that releases the smaller tools is well thought out and works easily.
The flashlight, located on the outside of the case, can twist on and lock or it has a push button for quick glances around camp. A fire starter is attached to the kit as well to help you in those especially desperate situations.

There are two errors Gerber made with this product- the strap and the weight. The strap on the back of the case is made of rubber that clips into the carrying case towards the bottom. This makes the exchange from one pair of pants to another very difficult. I feel that it could have been a belt clip for easier and quicker transfer. Also the entire kit is somewhat heavy, 11.1 ounces, and cumbersome to have at some times.

I would encourage packing this on any camping trip, but I would leave it in attached to a day pack or to a life jacket. I look forward to future generations of this model. Gerber officially has a one-up on the multi-tool market and I am anxious to see the changes they'll make this kit through out the next few years.

Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack

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