Stanley Classic Water Bottle - Gear Review

The title doesn't do this water bottle justice. The Stanley Classic is far from ordinary and far from the typical camping classic nalgene bottle. Equipped with a 21st century Twist and Turn lid this water bottle is made for those on the go.

Have you ever had that experience where you are cruising with friends, sipping from a open bottle and your buddy slows down due to a deer or a branch in the road, or an attractive jogger on the sidewalk. You end up with a puddle of water in your lap and a streak of Crystal Light Lemonade down the front of your shirt. The Stanley bottle prevents this unfortunate occurrence from happening. This is perfect engineering.
What makes this bottle unique is the Twist & Turn lid. With a quick twist of the lid you have full unencumbered access to your beverage of choice, without having to take the entire lid off making yourself vulnerable to the whims of nature or distracted friends behind the wheel. The reverse of that twist completely seals the drink off from the other liquid or bugs or dirt flowing into your drink. With a convient carabiner loop you can attach this to any pack. 

My one qualm with this design is the lid could get potentially difficult to clean. However, this bottle is worth that chance. 

I have taken this bottle to the swimming pool and have swum my cocktail from one side of the pool to the other underwater, without diluting my beverage.

This is perfect for the hikers who sweat of liters climbing peaks in storms, paddlers soaking their gear in an unexpected canoe tip, or the recreational drinker who likes his proportions of his drink mix just as he made them (if you catch my drift).

Do yourself a favor, purchase one of these for $10 before you're that fool with a stain on his favorite shirt.

 Classic BPA Water Bottle 24 oz

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