Gramicci Stoney Hemp Organic Tee - Gear Review

There are t-shirts out there nowadays created for any sort of event. Walk into any outdoor store and you'll be barraged with a plethora of different "T-shirt Technology". Winter gear, summer gear, wet gear, over synthesized gear.

This is a t-shirt created organically that fits all uses.

I ask you this- would you ever where your performance dri-fit on a night out? or Woud you ever where your regular cotton tee on a day-hike? If the answer to both of these questions is "Probably not" I have the shirt for you.

The Gramicci Stoney Hemp Tee is perfect. The Double Traverse knit along with the natural capabilities of hemp in these shirts creates a shirt for any occasion.

Gramicci is the founding father of NPT, Natural Performance Technology. This means that they are taking elements found in the nature to create products that help you enjoy this very nature. Their production is truly a beautiful cycle- Using nature to help you enjoy nature.

For a second, take the time to appreciate this effort. No crazy chemicals, no herbicides. This is a shirt created from the dirt you hike upon- AND IT WORKS.

The hemp is able to whisk sweat away keep you cool and dry, while also keeping you warm around the campfire at night.

Stoney Hemp Organic Tee

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