Millet Friction Approach Shoes - Gear Review

Are they shoes, or boots?  They look and feel like shoes, but are as tough and grippy as any hikers we've tested.  Landing squarely in a category of footwear called Approach Shoes, these stylish shoes are built to take you all the way to Everest Base Camp.

Take everything you love about a pair of bomber hiking boots, throw out anything above the ankle and you have an idea of what these shoes are like.  They are not a pair of trail runners.  They are meant for comfort, traction and fit, and speed is way down on the list.  They are heavier than a trail shoe, but at the pace I hike at, the extra weight is unnoticeable.  What you can't help but see is how every step feels like it is set in concrete.  Put a foot down and these things aren't going to budge a millimeter.

Rugged protection at the heel and toe keep everything inside safe when navigating a boulder laden trail.  The lacing system runs right to the top of your toes, giving you a precise fit and ultimate adjustability.  The insole is comprised of two materials; a more traditional fabric covered rubber and a squishy gel-like material that provides a little rebound in each step. The Vibram outsole has huge grip and is replaceable when it wears out, but the shoe still has life left in it.

This is one of the first shoes I have tested in the Approach Shoe category.  If the rest are this good, I may have to add a new section to my highly unorganized shoe storage area.  These are not meant for sissies.  I wore them around town for a while, thinking they were nice, but nothing special.  Get them off road and you can't believe how solid they are.  I would literally stack them up against any boot in my arsenal for shorter trips or afternoon hikes with the family.  Plus, they are just cool lookin'.

MSRP: $120.00

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