Vasque Rifts - Gear Review

Ever been on a drive and saw a park or trail that just begged you to pull over and check it out?  We spent a few days in Duluth Minnesota recently and there are more places like that up there than you can imagine.  I had the family with me, none of us had planned to hit the trails.  We were actually out running around town doing a little shopping.  When we pulled over, I realized I was wearing the new Vasque Rifts.  Let's see how these things perform off pavement.
Vasque's Rift Trail Shoes
As we exited the car at the parking area of Enger Tower Park, we headed up one of the numerous trails that led to the historic look-out.  A mix of woods, gravel and giant granite boulders fill the landscape.  It is not a long or strenuous hike, but you can wonder the paths for hours, taking in endless views out over Lake Superior.  This place is one of my favorite urban hikes, perfect for a quick family-friendly adventure.

Enger Tower and its new Night Lighting - Duluth MN
This is exactly what the Rifts were designed for.  Making a seamless transition from street shoe to incredibly capable off-roader, they were all I needed for the afternoon.  The "Vibram Spider" sole was aptly named, grabbing onto and scaling any terrain I threw at it.  Walking out to the edge of a 30 foot tall granite slab and peeking down at the ant-like people several hundred feet below, I had no concerns about my footing.

The leather and suede upper is tough but has an every-day friendliness about it.  I am rocking the green version, go bold or go home, right?  They are incredibly comfortable right out of the box, literally zero break-in time.  They run true to size and are plenty wide for my feet, something that can't be said for a number of major hiking brands out there.  These shoes are right at home here, in the land of canoe packs and great lakes, yet another great multi-purpose shoe from Minnesota's own Vasque Footwear.

MSRP: $120.00

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