CRKT's Nathan's Knife Kit - Gear Review

It may be of no surprise to you that I have a bit of a knife obsession.  I have from the time I was a young boy.    I now have a young son of my own and I wanted to instill in him the value and responsibility that comes with owning a knife.  Unfortunately, several people thought giving a 7 year-old an assisted opening tactical pocket knife was a bad idea.  Huh?  Go figure.

I found an option that helps me teach my son about knives without the fear of jail time.   From how they work to how to take care of one and let's not forget how NOT to injure themselves or others with it.  The Nathan's Knife Kit from CRKT is part pocket knife, part craft project.   Think pinewood derby pocket knife...

The kit is completely pre-cut and all you need is a little glue.  It allows the youngster to see and understand what is going on between the scales of a folding knife.  Over-sized for easy construction and use, my son was able to complete the kit in about 30 minutes.  He carefully sanded down every inch of every piece before we started gluing it together.  He debated painting or staining the scales before we started assmebly, but decided he'd rather keep it "looking natural".  Yeah, his words...

Now, a couple of months after we initially put it together, it is still functioning well.  My son has had to "sharpen" it a couple of times (meaning he sands nicks and scratches out of the blade), which he thinks is one of the coolest parts of owning the knife.  Sitting on the couch next to his dad "working on his edge", how can I not be proud?  

So, for now, this is the only knife he gets.  But thanks to the kit, getting him a "big boy knife" is probably not as far off as before.  He now understands more about owning a pocket knife than most adult men in our neighborhood and has a respect for knives that you don't get from a safety lecture.   

Big props to CRKT for helping dads like me!

MSRP: $14.99

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