Hi-Tec's Rainier Event WPI Hikers -Gear Review

If Lewis and Clark wore these....

Straight out of the box, the Hi-Tec Rainier Event WPI hiking boots molded to my feet and performed like to my expectations. The day after Christmas my family took a hike around a very muddy, very slippery, very hilly trail around a nearby lake. Everyone else in my troop was wearing shoes that were not prepared for such a treacherous hike. I, wearing the Hi-Tec boots, continuously found myself holding others from slipping or catching people mid-fall.

The Rainier Event WPI boots are equipped with Vibram soles. Vibram soles are renown for their quality and special rubber compounds for specific uses. These soles have enough rigidity to provide a good grasp on all surfaces while still feeling light and flexible. Plus, at the end of the day, knocking all the mud and grime off of them was a breeze. Cheers to Vibram.

The second feature of these boots that proved itself during this very wet hike was the Ion-Mask technology. From first look these boots appear to be made out of plastic. However, further research into Ion-Mask reveals that through working on a molecular level, the technology improves the surface structure and which creates a less permeable barrier. In essence, this technology creates Tony Stark Iron Man leather.

With all of this technology on the outside, Hi-Tec did not overlook the breath-ability factor of a hiking boot. Through creating an envelope, using Event Waterproof Fabric, this boot can block water from going in while allowing sweat and moisture a path to go out. These boots kept my feet dry from mother nature's moisture and my own.

Another positive was that they needed no breaking-in time. I am not a fan of buying a shoe and waiting two weeks for the shoe to mold my feet. These boots worked right away. No blisters or aches post-hike.
These are a heavy duty boot, so on a simple 5 mile hike I expected them to perform to their hype. I think what makes any kind of gear is how can it handle in the unexpected. I look forward to continue to challenge the Hi-Tec Rainier Event WPI hiking boots because they appear to be ready for whatever comes their way.

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