Sea to Summit's Dry Mesh Duffle - Holiday Gift Guide Review

I have spent a huge part of my life, for as far back as I can remember, in on and around lakes.  Water in general has been a place my mind automatically associates with fun, relaxing good times.  As with anything though, it has it's challenges.  The biggest and often most frustrating is the obvious fact that around water, things get wet.  Try as you may, it just happens.

Having "practical" gear has become a top priority for me.  To be honest the quirky, specialized, "I might use this", kind of gear has been dwindling from my closet for quite a while now.  The Dry Mesh Duffle from Sea to Summit may just be the most practical bag I own.  Whether I am hitting the back-country in a canoe, a local lake to drag the kids around on a tube, or following a dog hunting for pheasant, wet gear is inevitable.

This two compartment duffle is the ticket.  The main compartment is a roll top dry bag that will keep gear as dry as any other storage option around.  It sits flat and opens wide for easy loading and unloading.  The top of the bag is a mesh webbing that will hold any wet gear securely in place and keeps it separate from everything you have been trying so hard to keep dry.
I have said to myself several times, "man, I love this bag".  I have tested dozens of bags and packs from some of the best brands in the world, and each had been built for a fairly specific purpose. This bag is built for life in a boat.  If you spend any significant amount of time in or on the water, you get it.  A go-anywhere, wet/dry duffle bag that is rugged and well designed, what's not to love.

MSRP: $119.95 (75 Liter "Medium)
            $139.95 (100 Liter "Large")

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