Newton Running's Terra Momentus Trainers - Holiday Gift Guide Review

Barefoot running is all the craze, and I am a believer.  But after years of running in cushy trainers, my feet, legs, knees, hell most of my lower body, was not ready to dive in to the deep end of the barefoot pool.  I spent the better part of the 1990's running in sprint flats, pretty much as close to barefoot as you can get, but once I left school and my track days were behind me, thick padded running shoes were my only arsenal.  Just because that is what we were supposed to wear, right?
Newton running has taken a much different look at the design principals of a running shoe than most footwear makers.  Rather than trying to infuse the shoe with "technology" that makes running easier or more comfortable, they focused on building a shoe that engages your foot in the most natural way possible.

As a sprinter (ok, it was a while ago) I tend to run on the balls of my feet more than a traditional distance runner.  This made the transition to the Newtons a bit easier for me than others I have talked to.  Tailored to the "Land-Lever-Lift" running style where heel strikes are all but eliminated, the Newtons are designed for a mid to fore-foot strike.  Initially you can't help but feel like these things are forcing you to walk on your tippy-toes.

The first couple of times I took these out, I kept it under 3 miles and trust me, that was plenty.  Day 1 I was about a mile in and I thought my calves were going to burst into flames.  After a few more sessions, it was substantially better.  I can that feel my lower legs and even my feet seem to be stronger.

Beyond the anatomical differences these shoes offer, they are incredibly well constructed.  Built for off-road use, they can manage any trail near my home with ease.  Head down the sidewalk and the bright green and yellow mesh will turn heads while keeping the elements at bay.  Turn off onto a rocky path and the gnarly traction will keep your feet planted where you put them.

All in all, these shoes changed how I run.  It took a little time to transition, but I feel faster and stronger than I have in a pair of trainers in years.  When the summer months roll back in, I'm looking forward to putting a few more miles on these...

Here are some videos from Newton to help you navigate this new world of running shoes...

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