Keen Revel Winter Boots - Holiday Gift Guide Review

In Minnesota it is important to keep your feet warm especially in the middle of winter, and with the Keen Revel Boots you can do just that.  I have only had these shoes for a short while, but so far they are unbelievable!  These boots look just like a regular pair of hiking boots, but what is not seen is the 200g Keen.Warm insulation that keep your feet nice and warm.
I have worn these shoes around town in the snow, rain, and sleet and have not had any problems with them.  I have also used the Keen Revels on a few day hikes and noticed a great deal of ankle support, which for me is a must for any hiking boot.   The traction was also a noticeable difference compared to other hiking boots, giving me great grip on wet snowy trails and the icy Minnesota landscape..

Besides looking great, keeping your feet dry, and being warm these shoes feel great on your feet.   I have had an issue with my knee for the last couple of months, nothing major just a nagging ache, and after wearing these boots I noticed my knee wasn't aching like it use to.  I’m not saying these shoes will solve your knee problems, but I am pleased that a pair of cold weather hiking boots are COMFORTABLE and useful.

Overall, these boots would make a great gift for anyone that is looking for a cold weather adventure either in town or on the trail.

MSRP: $140.00

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