Best Made Company's American Felling Axe - Holiday Gift Guide Review

Need to stock up on firewood for the winter?  Tired of using that busted a$$ axe you got from ol' Grandpa Jones?  Well, there are axes and then there are Best Made Axes!
This 35", 4 pound High Carbon steel ax is not like the ones you find at your local hardware store.  If you are looking for disposable, try again.  This is a tool you will be passing down from one generation to the next and they will be proud to have their turn with it.  Make short work of a firewood pile or take down a small forest, either way, this ax will barely break a sweat.

Beyond making a lumberjack quality chopping tool, the folks at Best Made Co make axes with style too.  Their line-up of painted handles makes these axes just at home in a NYC art gallery as they are in the hands of Paul Bunyan himself.  From the nautically inspired to vivid stains, the colors and designs make ordinary extraordinary.

There's still time....  If you are looking to get this for the Holidays, order by tomorrow (12/20) at 5pm and Best Made will guarantee delivery in the nick of time.  

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