Intuitive Productions Street Wear - Gear Review

So, not everything I do requires technical, performance capabilities.  For the times when you are heading out to see a movie or just hanging with your buddies, you just want to be comfortable and wear gear that reflects some aspects of your personality.  I hate nothing more than walking around looking like a billboard for the company that made your clothes.  I like simple, but I'm not afraid to step outside the lines a little either.  Tyson Holland and the crew at Intuitive Productions get it just right.
Take a T-Shirt, Henley or Hoodie Sweatshirt and add just enough flavor and you have the Intuitive Productions apparel.  Tyson has a background in tattoo design and graphics and that shows through in the designs from this young Bozeman Montana company.  From the tribal-esque designs to their placement on the garment, there is a tattoo vibe that you can't miss.  Each design has an "Outdoorsy", "Elemental" feel.    Unlike the faux tattoo shirts you have seen floating around, these are less "over-the-top".  Subtle, but with an edge.  

Quality of the gear is top notch.  I was a little worried that the graphics would fail after repeated washing, but they have not as of yet.  All in all they have held up very well and have retained their size and shape.  

So, if you are looking for something a little different, but not outlandish, check these out.  

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