Holiday Guift Guide - Stocking Stuffer Review

1. Ryders Eyewear "Tweaker" Sunglasses:  Top quality sunglasses that tip the scales at only $39.99.  Full coverage design keeps the elements at bay.  Hydrophobic rubber nose pads and arms keep these in place during even the most strenuous activities.  Upgrade to great polarized lenses for $69.99

2. Chaos - Adrenaline 2 Gloves with Silver Touch:  These light weight gloves are super-multi-purpose.  They rock as spring/fall gloves just to cut the chill.  They have integrates "heater pad" pockets for super cold days when you are using them as glove liners.  Best of all the Silver Touch material on the thumb and index finger lets you use touch screen electronics without having to expose your skin to the frigid air.  $18.99

3. Woolrich "Big Wooly Socks":  These things really need no explanation...  They are like wool pillows for your feet.  Say good bye to chilly toes, these puppies are toasty...  :)  $17

4. Exotac Matchcap:  This little fortress is built for one thing, FIRE...  Bomb-proof and water tight, your matches make it into the worst conditions and come out looking pristine.  Sized perfectly for many over-the-counter waterproof matches, you can refill it from just about any outdoor store.  With the strike paper inside the threaded area, it too stays dry and safe.  I love this thing...  $24.95

5. Snowskin: Your Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic products are great when temps are in the 80's, but when it's 5 below, this is the ticket.  From sunscreen to lip balm, the Snowskin products are designed for the snow.  I have been using the lip balm all Fall, and it rocks.  It seems to last way longer than the usual drug store sticks... $4.95

6. CRKT Lift-Off 2:  Nothing makes my happier than watching the blade on this knife rocket open with just a little nudge.  The Outburst assisted opening mechanism is just too cool.  A great every-day-carry pocket knife, the Lift-Off 2 has a 3" satin finished blade and is built to go to work, not open your mail...  $69.99

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