Protect Your Eyes with Style- Ryders Grindhouse Sunglasses - Gear Review

There are three things that matter when I’m looking at a pair of sunglasses: comfort, style and price. Honestly, I am unable to keep a pair of glasses longer than a few months because they either get broken or get dropped in the lake.

The Grindhouse sunglasses fulfill all I want. They are priced reasonably, comfortable, and stylish (the pair I got with the Rasta frame definitely draw attention.)

Since I am a college student I am not looking to spend an entire paycheck on a pair of shades- I need that money for… school books. Therefore, I am not looking for the latest polarized lenses or aerospace frames. As long as my eyes are protected from the basic harmful rays I am happy. That is why this pair is perfect. The lenses are not over-produced; they simply do what they should: protect my eyes. While blocking 100% of harmful rays, the Grindhouse sunglasses complete this task.

Since these shades are equipped with Hydrophilic Nose Pads I do not need to constantly slide them back up the bridge of my nose. The last thing I want while walking through the woods is my glasses sliding off of my face.

Ryders Eyewear has been making sport sunglasses since 1986 and they pride themselves on filling the gap between “overpriced hype and underperforming materials”. Once I visited the website and found out more about the company, their story, their beliefs, I couldn’t help but become a fan. Ryders does have the technology to make the upper-end sunglasses. They do offer breaking edge technology, but they don’t forget those with a smaller budget. So, when that unfortunate time comes when I drop my shades into the lake or crush them under a loaded bag I know where I am headed to get my next pair.

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