Illuminate Your Path- Fenix MC10 Gear Review

For the most part, my experience with flashlights spans from flashlight tag in the fifth grade to helping my dad under the kitchen sink. I was accustomed to the usual dumbbell-esque flashlights that had enough D-batteries to beat down zombies with. Up until a few months ago I never encountered any high-tech flashlight. This is when, on my way up to the top of 'Party Rock' in Colorado Springs, CO, the Fenix MC10 proved itself to be very useful.

The MC10 is an all-purpose flashlight. Equipped with three different levels of illuminance this flashlight can be useful when reading a book, or checking to see if there are any bears outside of your tent. There is also a strobe light option that would prove helpful if you need rescue, however I just use it to annoy my campmates.

Design wise the handle makes sense. In the shape of "L", the flashlight is held like a handgun, with your thumb acting as the trigger finger. There is only one push button, and depending on how quick and how many times you press it, you can activate different levels of light, or turn on the strobe light effect. The flexible joints allow you to attach the light to anything while not limiting the direction of the light.

All in all, this is a small, useful light source which possibilities are endless.

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