ENO OneLink Shelter System - Gear Review

I have truly been converted.  Unless I am camping with the family and need to share a tent, I am officially a hammock camper.  The idea of swaying in the breeze, staring up at the stars in pure comfort is just too perfect to pass up.  What prevented me from going this route years ago is pretty simple.  Mother Nature can be cruel, and being completely exposed to the elements is not an option deep in the back-country.  The problem has been resolved...

Eagle's Nest Outfitters, or ENO, has created a complete shelter system around their uber-light hammocks.  The One-Link Shelter Systems provide you with everything you need to sleep comfortably no matter how ugly the weather or the bugs get.  Each system includes; a hammock, a rainfly, a Guardian bug-net and a set of slap straps.

Now, you have several options to choose from when designing your One-Link Shelter.  There are 4 hammock choices; the Single Nest and ProNest are both 1 person hammocks and the DoubleNest and DoubleNest Deluxe are both for 2 people.  All are made from ultra-light breathable nylon and pack down to about the size of a softball.  Then you have to pick a Fly; again 4 to choose from, The FastFly, ProFly, DryFly and the ProFly Sil Tarp.  Which is best for you depends on when and where you are going.  As you can see in the picture above, I tested the DryFly, which provides maximum protection from heavy rain, but added a couple of extra tie-out lines for increased stability in heavy winds.

Now, throw in the Guardian Bug Net.  This is what makes hammock camping viable for me.  If you have ever been to Northern Minnesota in June, you understand what I mean.  Without a bug screen, I would wake up several pounds lighter and every mosquito in a 5 mile radius would be stuffed full.  The ENO SlapStraps made attaching to any tree a simple task and held incredibly well to the smoothest trees all without damaging them.

From a practical standpoint, this set-up was more comfortable and easier to pack than any tent on the market.  My whole shelter system weighed in at under 3 pounds and was smaller than a loaf of bread.  It took me a little longer to set up my OneLink system than a few of the guys with 2-pole tents, but not by much.  I had all the fun too.  On nights with clear skies I was able to pull one half of my fly back and enjoy the stars and the breeze.  Getting in and out of the hammock through the zipper door in the Guardian BugNet took a little practice, especially when you throw in climbing into a sleeping bag, but I got it figured out.

Because of the openness of the system, I never woke up soaked in dew.  I never had a sore back from lying on the ground or having a tree root to fight with.  As a matter of fact, I found myself sleeping longer than I normally do because I just melted into my hammock.   No need to look for level ground, just find two trees and string it up...

MSRP:  Around $200-$225 depending on your selections...

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